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Here at Audibel Townsend Hearing Aids, we understand that not all ears are the same. They come in slightly different shapes and sizes, as well as varying abilities to hear. At our locations in Athens, Georgia, we have solutions for those who are deaf, hard of hearing, or for those who are experiencing tinnitus.


We understand that a world without sound can be isolating and a symptom of other health problems, like dementia, for older people. Today you can take advantage of the exponential advances in hearing aid technology to provide you with a world enriched by sound! This alone will get you on the right track towards healthy relationships and mental clarity.

Our hearing aids take advantage of Arc AI. This technology works with you through artificial intelligence to help you hear in even the most challenging environments. With Arc AI, you have the choice to choose from a vast selection of aids that fit your needs! You can now even stream music and other media to your hearing aid through Audibel iQ technology! Our products include wireless capabilities, invisible aids, rechargeable aids, behind the hearing aids, and many more!


With our vast product line, you can now directly control your hearing aids from your compatible Apple or Android devices through the Thrive Hearing Control App. This application allows you to feel comfortable in your environments, choosing what works best with you.

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4.9 out of 5 Stars based on 23 Reviews on Google.

Read what some of our patients have to say about our staff and our clinic!

I'm a caregiver and had to take my client in. They worked well with his insurance company. Bruce & Sam are super nice. The secretary wasn't very friendly. Not the most professional experience one might expect but I was still very satisfied with the overall experience. The main thing is...

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Clay Tritsch, on Google

This is day 1 so this only relates to the first visit. Mr Townsend is a humble, patient, and knowledgeable audioproctologist. He spent 1.5 hours with me and it seemed like 10 min. He wears hearing aids so he understands what you are going through. I couldn't image someone being...

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Keith Thompson, on Google

My Husband, Jerry, has severe hearing loss. He finally found the experts at Townsend Hearing Aid Center and has been singing their praises ever since. If you’re looking for someone to take care of your hearing needs, give Townsend Hearing Aid Center a try. You won’t be disappointed! Tell Bruce...

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Ann Gulledge, on Google

Bruce and Sam are very knowledgeable about all hearing aids. I am more than pleased with my pair of Audibel 1000 Via. If you are in need of hearing aids go to Bet Townsend. They will do more than any other vendor/audiologist that sells hearing aids. They help you carefully...

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Kimberly Rooker, on Google

My new hearing aids have been the best experience in the 18 years I've been wearing aids. I have enjoyed trying them out at movies, my favorite restaurants and at work. Most important, I haven't had to ask my wife to repeat herself once ... and she says I speak...

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Roger Collins, on Google

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Kathy Deaux, on Google

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gerald difatta, on Google

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Cal Vollmer, on Google

Best place to get hearing aids for elderly and husband

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Margaret Scott, on Google

Townsend Hearing, gives such care to their clients. After many attempts at hearing aids over the past several years, at different locations, my husband has finally been fitted with ones tthat work. We are both very thankful for Mr.Townsend's expertise and care.

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Sandra Wilmesherr, on Google